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Xenophobia, Megalomania, and all kinds of ruts….

To begin with, the topic of the sermon for Sunday, July 19, 2009 was extremely thought provoking. One of my prayer partners had a wonderful conversation with me about the meaning of the word itself and how it is applicable to church. Well, hang on heathcliffe, what an awareness of not only our attitudes as Christians, but also our attitudes and perceptions of others that we feel are different from ourselves.
In doing research on the topic itself before church, I came across many cultural and societal differentiations as well as spiritual. The most comprehensive statement was found on the MOST website and is as follows: “An attitudinal orientation of hostility against non-natives in a given population.” After much thought, meditation and prayer, I have reached a conclusion in my life that perhaps I need to work on better understanding various cultures even within Houston itself.
The feelings that I am having are of a migrant worker status, very transitory here in Houston, and not to be taken seriously. In other words, I to shall pass on to the next job, the next adventure, the next whatever, and will no footprint here in Houston, because it is not the way things have been done. I hear the demeaning way people talk about each other, IE: Wetback, Spic, Kike, Tennessean, Californian, Northerner, among others, and here I have concluded that being an outsider with different ideals, norms, situations, that I am not allowed to express these ideas, because of some preconceived notion that I and people like me will take over and change things. A great fear here in Houston, perhaps founded or perhaps unfounded, this remains to be seen.
In my feelings, growth does not mean destruction, knowledge leads to wisdom, communication with understanding leads to a melding and appreciation of various cultures and societal norms. Perhaps we are all afraid of the realities that surround us, varying ideologies, varying ways of doing things, each one not superior, but just a way of doing things. In my way of thinking and feeling, there is not a right way or a wrong way, there are just many ways to do anything and everything.
Without creating alarm, perhaps the question could be “What Would Jesus Do?”. We tend to leave that question as a stand alone question, however, I do see things a bit differently, and follow up with the question, “How Would Jesus Do It?” Just another way of looking at a very popular question in our Christian way of life. Are we Acting as a Christian should Act (by perception), or are we putting our Christian way of live into Action itself? Acting a part is exhilarating, to say the least, but actually living the life is a whole different concept perhaps, that many are not familiar with. Acceptance and understanding are majors parts of feeling and sharing love. Going on the premise that we are all sinners and are save by grace, are we not all equal in the eyes and sight of God? The bible speaks in Romans as well as throughout the New Testament of the differences that already existed in the Christian Faith, and the acceptance/understanding issues of the day. Perhaps we have not learned yet that in our cultural diverseness, there is a great strength and power for learning other ways, and while we may not adhere to them personally, they are all valid ways of expressions of faith, hope and love.
I believe for now, these are enough questions to approach a situation in all our lives and carry forward from here…

All the worlds a stage!

As we go through life, things become more important than interpersonal relationship, companionship, sharing, caring, and each one giving freely to another. 

In my life, I have truly been honored to be among the greats of our times.  Looking back I see a great domino effect happening.  Take for instance, Daniel Bonade, the founder of the American School of Artistry on the Clarinet.  Speaking musical lineage, I am a second generation Bonade student.  I’m one of many (what a huge family it is). Just from my standpoint, seeing the effect these great teaching have had in my life and being allowed to pass them on to others, has been and is a great joy in my life.  Passing the skill sets as well as the inspiration to others extends his life and influence perhaps into the next millennia, that is if the world doesn’t implode on itself in the meantime.

Taking this concept to another level, Thank you Leonardo DaVinci , for modern day air travel.  What a visionary, a dreamer and a true master.  I know, in present day, the colossal impact one life can be, no matter how current or ancient it is.

Most of us seem to be merely actors in a bad play.  Others stand out as true performers that can inspire others to achieve and make the world a much better place for future generations. 

God see all the performances and applauds for everything and everyone.  Some performances are ok and acceptable; others are mediocre but still acceptable.  On the other hand, some are truly awe inspiring and we all applaud uproariously, for a space of time….and then go on with our lives, changed or unchanged by the experience.  I believe that’s our choice and our free will.

Real and unreal, seen and unseen, what is, is, what is not, is not,

What’s real – people hungry with basic needs not met, human dignity – gone, wiped away, crushed for the amusement of others. 

What is real – awe inspiring performances, gone unseen or squashed for whatever reason.

What’s seen and unseen (perhaps at the same time) are performances of faith, hope and love.  

What’s really unseen – the very thing behind all of these….Faith can move mountains, Hope can bring peace, Love can heal the world. 

A single human life is truly more valuable than any building, bank, insurance company, greedy corporation or war.  Great performance… looks good on paper and television….great spin…..but who in human form will be around to give the applause if we take care of each other…