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Welcome to our home on the web!

Casa Ukitena is located in Houston, Texas.  Your hosts are Jody Turner and Jere Douglas.

Let us introduce ourselves!  We have been a couple since 2002 after we first met at Mardi Gras of that year.  Jody had a dream to have a family built on the values of the Ukitena Dragon of Cherokee Legend.  Our core values meshed as a leather couple and we went from there to the present day.

Jody is a licensed massage therapist in the State of Texas specializing in deep tissue massage.  Jere is an award winning Chef and Musician.  Together, we can make interesting, diverse, music!

In November of 2014, we made the journey to Santa Fe, New Mexico and tied the legal knot, so to speak!  It was a great trip with friends and we are learning what it is like to be legally married in the State of Texas!  It’s a journey and an interesting one.

We are a very diverse family of choice.  Our family consists of our “kids”, all rescue animals and those humans we feel close to.  Our home is shared with many as are our hearts.

Jere and Jody

Casa Ukitena! A Houston Place To Be!

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