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The Homestead

1983 construction. Dated appliances, cracked foundation, exterior siding in disrepair, must be replaced. Fuse box a fire hazard. Pipes need to be replaced, house rewired to bring up to code. 195,000 in immediate repairs needed. In flood plane and floods quite frequently. This is a fixer upper and it will take a lot to fix it up.  The interior has not flooded but the foundation is cracked in three places and will take massive repair before any interior work can be done.

The fuse box is rated as a fire hazard along with the wiring. It has to be replaced at a total cost of 45 thousand.

The plumbing is galvanized pipe and has to be replaced.  There are three leaks that have caused damage to the ceilings and black mold in the house.


The appliances are 1983 model and have not been updated since. The microwave does not work and the oven is in dire need of replacing.  Black mold in kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms.

Bathroom tiles have fallen off and upstairs bath needs a complete rework.  Downstairs Master Bath needs new plumbing, shower and tub. Leaks from upstairs bathroom have caused black mold and falling sheet rock.

Exterior siding is crumbling and there is extensive termite damage on the exterior and interior.

None of this was relayed to us when this bought this house in 2008.  The streets flood on a regular basis and we are 5 blocks from the Houston Water Shed that overflowed during Hurricane Harvey. The house needs new windows and some will not even close due to the foundation moving. The house is splitting apart in three different directions. We are on an active fault line also.

Rebuild cost on this HOA property is 250 thousand dollars.  All the necessary repairs, as I said earlier, run to 195 thousand.  Very little value in this property.

Friday, beginning of a regular weekend or is it?

For all those 8 to 5 folks, this is the usual. However, in the arts and service industries, our week is just beginning. This weekend in Houston is a large event going on in the Montrose known as LUEY or “Let Us Entertain You” weekend where the leather folk from Houston extend the red carpet to the folks from New Orleans that put out, err, put on Mardi Gras every year. It’s a fun event and takes place in the bars and denzions of the Greater Houston Midtown Area.

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About Jere

Jere Douglas, Founder of the Parlor Project, is the premier Arts Experiences Curator. He empowers us to see and live life as an art form! Through the Parlor Project, he connects professional artists and musicians to rabid professional arts lovers, their organic fan-base. As the Man in the Penguin Suit, Jere curates multi-sensory artistic experiences that challenge staid traditions in the arts and antiquated concepts in arts presentation. In a powerful combination of access, interaction and adventure the Parlor Project puts a human face to the marvelous sounds that people hear and provides an opportunity for its members to explore their creativity in all aspects of life.
My purpose is to empower creativity in rabid arts connoisseurs. I will empower arts connoisseurs to think for themselves through my vibrant performing, intelligent thought provoking teaching, sharp and witty speaking and jovial actions. I will reveal to arts connoisseurs systems that have driven me to immense success! I will empower creativity in arts connoisseurs’ through creating a vivacious atmosphere of pulsating creative actions and drive through boundaries by generating new frontiers to explore! I will challenge arts connoisseurs to discover their buried treasures and bring those to a vivacious life!
“Pick your personal mentors and teachers with great care, and with the emphasis on your personal Career, not the world of academia,” exhorts Jere. “Make your own way, even if it means stepping outside the box. I actually created my own course of study, much to the chagrin of others. I have
ended with the appropriate credentials that look nice on a wall– but the substance behind the paperwork is truly what’s important to me.”
Living life on the edge can sometimes be horrifying and yet very fulfilling. It is an interesting concept in todays world, being a private contractor and entrepreneur.
The challenges are quite unique and eye opening to underlying skills that most of us never equated with our chosen fields of endeavor.

Have you ever been told you are making a mistake going into the performing or visual arts? I was as a child and adolescent! However, I feel the field chose me.
“I know it can feel sort of hopeless at the moment. I promise it’s temporary. Quick quips: you said others don’t understand your resilience. They don’t have to, only you do. You said, they see your work as different, I say bravo. It’s easier said than done but you must stop looking for support inside of that situation inside of that environment and find out how to give yourself the support you need. Never ever let other people’s actions determine your decisions or trajectory in terms of what you plan to pursue. Decide now that the way they behave is the way you won’t. There’s a way to move forward to preserve your sanity and bolster your aspirations!” Wise words from friend and colleague Jade Simmons, International Yamaha Concert Artist and a create creator of unique experiences.